TechTrax Winners

These are just SOME of the folks who have won prizes over the years thanks to being a part of our TechTrax community!

Our most recent winners are:

  • Colin McDonald, UK
    MS Expression Web

  • Dolores Lopes, WV
    Office 2007 Home Edition

Previous winners...

  • Rhonda Gray, DC
    Office 2007 Ultimate Edition

  • Each of these winners received a free 1 yr subscription to's beautiful ecards.

    * Dietmar Schafflik
    * Marcia Berkey
    * Loretta Berrier
    * Janet Daugherty
    * Sherri Hodge
    * Daryl Kline

  • Norman Hillman, IN
    Office 2007 Standard Edition

  • Jon Mon
    Office 2003 Pro & OneNote

  • Steven Nicols
    Office 2003 Pro & OneNote

  • Norman Pearce, UK
    Expression Web

  • Jackie Payne
    MS Digital Photo Deluxe

  • Kent DeCook, MN
    MSDN Premium Subscription

  • Sherri Hodge, GA
    MSDN Premium Subscription

  • Jean Kaplansky, NY
    MSDN Premium Subscription

  • Mary Coffee, WI
    SnagIt Image Software

  • John M Voelker, MD
    SnagIt Image Software

  • Susan Rauhut
    Office 2003 Pro

  • Steven Matros
    Windows XP Pro

  • Sandy Sparks
    Stonebraker Painting

  • Marc Wayman
    Microsoft Office Keyboard

  • Dan Quinn, IL
    Office 2003 Small Business Edition

  • Catherine (Kay) L. Rapp
    Data Prompter Software

  • León Carpay, Netherlands
    Data Prompter Software

  • Serena Lara, AZ
    Word AutoForms Course

  • Vincent Winterling, NJ
    Word AutoForms Course

  • Rene Shinavar
    Windows XP Pro

  • Lori Brown, NE
    SnagIt Image Software

  • Teresa Lazarek-Ball
    SnagIt Image Software

  • Elizabeth Neely
    SnagIt Image Software

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