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Welcome to MouseTrax

Latest News...

Helping Soldiers/K9s
Dian meets Salvatore Giunta, first living Medal of Honor recipient since Vietnam, at private military event, Dec/2010.

Dian, one of the lucky, chats with him and gets to give him one of her homemade American Flag afghans.

As a member of the Patriot Guard Riders & Soldiers Angels, Dian [pictured here giving Sgt John Peck, a neighbor who lost both arms and legs to an IED, one of her handmade American Flag lapghans] has been caring for her 91 yr old stroke victim mom over the last few years, as well as making blankets for deployed and wounded soldiers and MWD (Military Working Dog) teams, adopting soldiers, writing letters to over 200 additional deployed military members in Iraq & Afghanistan, and sending them blankets and care packages.

Learn more about her activities, as well as ways you can help, too, at Dian's Angel site, here:

Dian Skydives!
Life's been rough these last few years...with serious family health issues, caring for mom and dealing with menopause and her own health. "I was in a rut and losing interest in life. I needed to kick life up a I jumped out of a plane." Woohoo...that'll get your motor running. Too fun!!! Take a virtual jump with me via my photostory here: Dian Dives

Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane?
Cos' the door was open!

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See the latest updates to on our SiteMap page.

MouseTrax Mission is dedicated to giving back to the community by helping computer users fight the headaches of struggling to learn new technology.

As Microsoft MVPs since 1995, we do what we can to provide assistance to users of Microsoft Technologies, as well as other, popular products.

Through this site, we hope you will find the help, direction or professional assistance you need.

Dian D. Chapman
Greg B. Chapman
MouseTrax Computing Solutions
Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, since 1995.


"Once again the Chapmans have triumphed. How do they find
time to bring up a family, earn a living, fly aeroplanes,
and most likely many other activities,
and still find time to answer my
stupid questions with
such good grace.

Norman West
Truro, Cornwall, UK

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June 2002

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"We only choose the best of the best—you're definitely noteworthy! We have over 250,000 subscribers.

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