Meet Cassy!

Such a pretty dog! But she's incredibly smart, too! Beauty AND brains!
A mix of German Shepherd/Golden Retriever...
she is a fierce and faithful guardian...with beauty and humor to boot!
Cassy 2003 (above) 10 week old baby picture (below)

Wanna play?
(LOVE those furry feeties!)

Cassy enjoying her Christmas Basket.

If you don't stop taking pictures and get in the car...
I'm moving over to the driver's seat and taking off!

Always hanging out and slobbering for this dog.

Cassy loves to go flying with daddy in his plane!

Cassy loves her squeaky toys. But to HER, it's a challenge to get that
squeaky thing OUT of the toy and THAT'S the prize! Here she's having fun,
snarling...getting ready to have me put her prize squeaky on her nose so
she can toss it in the air, catch it, and toss it around the house some more!<lol>

Every family needs a class clown...and WE certainly have ours!

Kilroy was here? Nah...just Cassy discovering
that the tub makes a nice, cool, quiet place to nap...
and a great bomb shelter during storms! HA!

She even brings her own towels to make it comfy!

"Do you MIND? I'm trying to nap!"

Some time all she wants to do is argue!

And some days she bows to your every whim!

And she loves to play...

...almost as much as she likes to sleep!

And she loves her daddy!

Cassy after emergency stomach surgery...after she knocked down a bowl of noodles
and ate the noodles AND the broken shards of glass!

Poor dog! Hopefully, you won't do THAT again!

But they were SOOOO good!

Eh? What ya sayin'?

OK...I'm tired now. Get the camera outta my face!

_____________________________________________________________ you may not believe this, but Cassy is ONLY 7 months old, now
(Yes! That's her "sitting" up!)
Our little puppy is quickly growing!!!

Disco Cassy!

Ahhhh...doesn't look like she can eat a house, does she!


But she certainly does HERE! Nala...4 yrs, Cassy...7 months,
she STILL has several months to GROW to full size!!!! Arrgghh!!!

TURN AROUND and smile, Cassy!


Cassy turned three months on Valentine's day.

She's been learning how to live in our "pack," thanks to etiquette lessons from her mentors,
Kiko (the leader) and Nala (the teen). Here are some of the latest shots of Cassy and the gang!

Not only does she have a killer, cute face, but she's a very smart little mutt!

Cassy joined our family in January (shortly after we sadly had to put our loving
10yr old Sheba (sheltie) to rest due to cancer). She was only two months old, yet in
only a few days, she learned to sit, give paw and lay down...all with hand signals.

But, judging from the size of her "tiger paws"...this little pupster won't be little for long!