In Loving Memory of:

Charles L. Schmelzer
US Navy 1944-1953
WWII Veteran
Ronald A. Johnson
US Army Veteran

In March, 2011, a Mission was to attend the funerals of two veterans who recently passed, but who had no family. All soldiers are special, but in reading the email notice: "Two of America’s Heroes passed away this week with no family by their side. As we have in the past, it’s our turn to recognize these men as our family and to show our respect for their willingness to serve the country that gives us the freedom we have today"...I knew this mission was extra special and I had to attend to make sure they had someone to say Thank You and Rest In Peace Brave Soldier, so I headed off to Union Grove.

The two brief services were held at the Southern Wisconsin Veterans' Memorial Cemetary in Union Grove.

Also sadly, without Mass cards nor relatives to tell me more about these soldiers, we only got to hear a brief reading of their military service, so I can't tell you about them. But this little memorial to their memories will live on...

A cold Wisconsin morning in early March, 2011...two American Heroes are laid to rest.

Having no family to see them off...the Patriot Guard Riders arrive to ensure their Military Funerals are attended by those who with to Thank them for their service to our country.

Other cold and dedicated Patriots.

Hero Charles Schmelzer arrives.

PGR Honor Guard stand around the room.

Rest in Peace Soldier Schmelzer and Thank You for your brave service to our country.

A few representatives from local VFWs also attend to pay their respect to fallen brothers...WWII, Korea and Vietnam vets.

After one brief service, Hero Ronald Johnson arrives for his service.

Rest in Peace Soldier Johnson and Thank You for your brave service to our country.

Each soldier receives their proper Military Honors.

It was my honor to be a part of the few who showed up to honor these heroes. [Dian, far right]


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