Meet SSgt. Salvatore Giunta, US Army, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

I was incredibly thrilled and honored to receive an email that stated "PGR is invited to an event on Monday, 13 Dec 10 at 1000 hrs, to meet America's newest Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta, US Army"

Although I've recently moved away from Chicago, this was an honor I could not pass off I went, in the car since it was about -21 wind chill the day after a blizzard hit Chicago, as well as much of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

I was thrilled to be able to give him one of my American Flag lapghans and to tell him Thank You for your Courage and to say how happy I was that he's home safe!

The event was a semi private honor event for SSgt Salvatore Giunta who was in Chicago Dec/2010 attending various events and proving what an excellent ambassador he is for the US Army and Military in general. This particular event was held at the National Guard Armory at Midway Airport in Chicago.

ABC Video News Report of SSgt Giunta:

My video...the crowd welcomes Ssgt Giunta: MOH01.wmv

My video...SSgt explains how honored he has been to serve with such brave wo/men and then directs his attention to some Gold Star family members to his left...and tells them how hard it is for him to accept this honor when THEY have given so much for our country. MOH02.wmv

The crowd awaits SSgt Giunta's arrival.

Patriot Guard and Warrior Watch members stand in honor.

A singer performs some patriotic songs as we wait for the ceremony to start: (video sample) MOH03.wmv

Dian, with the American Flag 'lapghan' she made to give to Medal of Honor recipient, Ssgt Giunta.

Vets from all years past await his arrival.

SSgt Giunta hear some of his comments, listen to the video at the beginning of this page.

Sal is so genuine, he took quite a bit of his time to graciously meet with many of the people who wanted to momentarily share his space.

Including me!

I told him how happy I was that he made it home safely. He was so sweet...thanking ME for what I do as a Patriot Guard Rider and Soldiers' Angel and also telling me how much he liked my lapghan...thanking me very much for giving it to him.

And yes, this also got me on the nightly news with him.


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