Welcome Home...
Chicago Police Officer and Army Master
Sgt/MP, Pedro ("Pete") Medina!

On May 18, 2009, MSgt Pedro Medina was stationed in southeastern Afghanistan when mortar rounds started to explode around him. He ran into a building on his base for safety. But a helicopter was taking off during the attack and the violent downdraft caused the building to collapse on MSgt Medina. An iron I-bean landed on top of him...crushing his neck, pelvis and foot. He was left with no feeling from his neck down! His initial diagnosis was as a quadriplegic.

A 17 year veteran with the 333rd Military Police Company and 11 year veteran of the Chicago Police Force...he was determined to prove the doctors wrong. Six weeks into his recovery...he started tapping his middle finger on the bed. By November 2009, he was extending his arm, making a fist and walking with a cane!

On April 30, 2010...he walked down the gangway off his Welcome Home flight at Midway Airport in Chicago...to the rousing applause of his fellow military officers, Chicago Police, the Patriot Guard Riders flag stand in his honor and many airport passengers wondering what was going on. These official groups escorted him home to his grandma's house near Logan Square in Chicago where he was presented with a City of Chicago commendation...and received the heartfelt hugs from his fellow Chicago Police Officers, fellow MP Army command, Patriot Guard Riders, media, neighbors, and best of all...his family!

Welcome home to our Chicago hero! We're SO happy you're on the mend! THANK YOU so much for your service, in so many ways, to our country!

The Patriot Guard begin to arrive and discuss plans with Chicago Police.

Trisha...Dian met her at Pvt Francheska Velez funeral.
She's now working on her motorcycle training.

We'll see ya on a bike next time, eh, Trisha?

Dian (me) and Trisha on Dian's bike.

Lining up in the Loading Dock at Midway Airport.

Ma/Pa Hog (Brenda & Dave) give us the briefing.



Dian (being blow away)

Airport Police track MSgt Medina's arrival.

Soldiers and Police begin to arrive.



The rolling sound of applause fills the airport.

MSgt (in gray shirt) greets his family and close friends.

One year ago...they said he was paralyzed from the neck down...now he walks off his plane!


His happy sister, who stayed with him through his recovery.

A media frenzy to chat with this hometown hero.


What a CUTIE!!!

Ma Hog presents Pete with a Patriot Guard Challenge coin.

(Just a dog strolling through the airport...but I HAD to snap that happy pupper!)

Heading to the bikes for our escort to gramma's house!


Lining up...here we go for an hour ride through the city.

HA...I always seem to get some flag in the face. Here the guy in front of me has
a huge one...that's my foot on the bike behind the extra large flag.<g>

Arriving at Springfield & Fullerton...and blocking Gramma's street to welcome home our hero!

City of Chicago commendation presentation.

I was quite honored to be part of all this!

Gramma! So HAPPY to have her grand baby home!

MSgt Medina accepting his commendation.

What a GREAT smile!!

Hugs from his fellow Chicago Police Officers.

(MSgt Medina is a 14th police district Chicago cop.)

Hugs from his fellow soldier MPs.

Me, slipping through the crowd to leave. Sometimes it pays to have a smaller bike,
especially when you're trying to avoid hitting cops in the street!


And WELCOME HOME MSgt Pete Medina...American Hero & humble BRAVE Chicago Cop!

See more photos from this PGR Mission, here: http://pgr.pxxq.com/HumboldtPark2.htm

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