This is phenomenal information and I appreciate your taking the
time to create it for others. I just took an MS Office course through a university, but did not learn this much about Word. I am referring your website to everyone in my

Brenda Hedden
Park City UT

Top notch way to learn!! I had no experience prior to Dian's VBA video series. It gave me the skills to learn and succeed. Excellent work. The video is worth the additional cost!!

Tom Larson
Chapel Hill, NC

Dian - Thanks so much for your dedication to helping hungry minds learn. I have already gleamed so much in such a short amount of time. I have always considered myself an advanced Word user, so to take this to another level as a developer is really, really exciting for me. I have to force myself to leave my office at the end of the day because I am having fun [using your courses]!!

Finding your material was just what I needed. Your information is very clear and easy to follow. I only have a few weeks to complete my task and with your material I am sure that will happen.

Your material is awesome! Thanks!

Karen Radley

Thanks so much for taking the time to offer certificates. I'm so grateful to have earned these. I work for a company where all forms of continuing ed and professional development are highly encouraged, and I like to have "records" of the courses I've taken to improve my skills.

By the way -- I now amaze my coworkers on a weekly basis with my new, magical MS Word abilities. I'm often able to give advice and bail out coworkers who are having trouble, or give them cool time-saving ideas straight from your courses. So, thank you again for being such an excellent teacher!

Robin M. Mayhall, APR
Corp Communications Writer
Blue Cross and Blue Shield
of Louisiana

I liked the presentation with the Word AutoForm video sessions. Dian does an excellent job showing how to use all the options in Word, and her teaching skills are top notch. This course is excellent!

I have been using MS Word for many years and never realized the potential. I have already started thinking of ways to use what I have learned at work. Great job Dian, and I can't wait to take another course.

John Conklin
Peoria, AZ, USA

The lessons were wonderful. They were full of detailed instructions and the graphics were so helpful. I feel that I have learned more in a few weeks than in several months of trying to learn on my own.

Lou Melton
Petal, MS, USA

The content, organization and presentation of this course [VBA Video course] is outstanding.

Hey, all you companies out there trying to do a good job with training - this is the way to do it! Follow Dian's lead and you'll make millions. Simply Excellent Dian! More! More!

Allan F. Eddy
Baton Rouge, LA

The whole course [Doc Design] is an excellent in-depth that goes beyond what you find in so called "Advanced" word technical books.

Norman Pearce
West Drayton, Middlesex,
United Kingdom

I thought I was an advanced user of word, but obviously not!! There were many shortcuts and tips received that I just didn't have time to explore before, now the only problem is remembering them all!! Very useful all-round, lessons were easy to follow, good examples, you just don't get this kind of service from other courses. Looking forward to doing your autoforms and other courses. Thanks a lot, maybe now i can call myself and advanced user!!

Linda Clarke
Sydney, Australia

"In the entire computer section on Word and VBA at Barnes and Noble, I found 600+ page books with 20 pages of basic information on forms. VBA books usually don't address Word forms at all.

"I discovered Dian's courses —what a goldmine! Her material gets you up to speed extremely quickly. In an hour, a programmer could be designing forms and within days would be an authority on Word forms.

"Her courses sure beat any Sams' Teach Yourself, Microsoft Press, Wrox or O'Reilly book I have ever purchased and I own a library full of these books. I wish she had courses on every piece of software I own. Once you have found great material that teaches you the basics to the complex aspects of one software package in turbo mode, it is hard to go back to learning at a snail's pace."

BJ Mattarella, VP
Visual Data Systems
Marietta, Georgia

"Excellent content. The challenge level was on target. Dian could not have been more responsive! This was an excellent use of my training dollars. I took a chance and was very impressed (and surprised) with the quality and value of this [AutoForm & Beginning VBA] course. I will certainly take another course, especially if Dian Chapman is the instructor!"

M. Elaine Dembicki
Norfolk, VA

"I very much appreciated the extra time and support that Dian provided [AutoForm & Beginning VBA]. She was able to help me with a current project that fit the scope of the course. I feel I have become a much more adept programmer after taking her course and can hardly wait for her to do another VBA class. I will be first in line to sign up."

Dawn Crosier
Wichita, Kansas

"I thought you did a great job. The lessons [Word Advanced Techniques] are terrific. I liked your teaching methods so much that I signed up for another class in September."

Mary Lu Thomas
Plymouth, MA

"Dian never failed to provide me with the most complete and detailed answers to my questions. That can be a difficult thing to do online when you don't have the quick access to do back and forth questioning to discover exactly where a student might be having difficulty. She has the knack of being able to decipher our sticking points and explains in great detail to make sure any possible impasses are covered."

Diane Rainaud
Cheshire, CT

"The lessons [Word Advanced Techniques] were easy to understand. Dian works with you all the way, which made it easier. The added links helped to explain things. This is a great way to learn at a great price."

David Van Gorden
Trenton, NJ USA

"The most outstanding thing is how responsive Dian is. But, she was like that from the time I first e-mailed her -- and I had no idea who she was -- with a question. I was really impressed -- then and now. The other good thing is how clearly Dian writes. And, one of the things I do is technical writing. She is very clear."

Sandy Spruill
Atlanta, GA

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Word Advanced Document Design Course

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Word AutoForms & Beginning VBA Course

Save time! Become a Word automation developer. Find out how easy it is to create sophisticated automation to make your documents work FOR YOU. You'll create an automated invoice and see how you can use this skill to create different types of forms and automate documents.

Lesson One: Form Layout Choices

Dian has been creating Word forms since 1995. She will show you what works, what doesn't and why. Learn tricks to make fast forms that look sophisticated and WORK the way you want them to work!

Lesson Two: Field Options

You will learn to properly add form fields to a document and which ones to use, when. Then you will learn to easily write VBA code to automate your form.

Lesson Three: VBA and Bookmarks

Learn how to use the VBA help files to get the answers you need. You will create your own custom message, input and dialog boxes to obtain user information to pass into your form. And you will learn how to properly use bookmarks to control the flow of your automation.

Lesson Four: More VBA

Learn some of the more advanced codes that allow you to add sophisticated decisions into your form. Users will be able to make choices and you will control the flow depending on what your user needs from the form.

Lesson Five: ActiveX Controls vs Form Fields

Take advantage of ActiveX controls to add even more sophistication and automation to your form. Add buttons right into your documents to allow users to easily click to do what they need to do.

Lesson Six: Links, Tips and Test

In this last lesson, you will learn tons of additional tips and tricks that will make you a better developer. Learn how to handle errors, create automation menus, create your own digital signature to protect your code, create a code library to make coding faster...and MUCH more!

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Word Advanced Techniques Course

This course will move intermediate Word users into the ranks of experts. Many students who thought they were experts are amazed to discover how much they didn't know!

Lesson One: Organizing

You will learn to master the features that help you organize information. Learn to organize your documents and your thoughts to make the preparation of more complex document projects...easier.

Lesson Two: Time Saving Features

Master features such as autotext, formatting, fields and make document creation faster. Find out about many features you probably have never even heard of before!

Lesson Three: Special Documentation

Create better project documentation and find out how easy it can be and why it is important.

Lesson Four: Special Projects

Get a taste of desktop publishing and design. Learn to handle special projects, such as newsletters, long, multi-file documents, mail merges and you will even get a lesson in professional typography. If you enjoy this lesson...Dian's Doc Design course will show you how to do even more!

Lesson Five: VBA Basics

Have you ever created macros? How about writing raw VBA code to create your own custom message boxes, which you can use to inform users. This lesson will give you a taste of VBA. If you find it helpful...Dian's AutoForms/VBA course will take you further.

Lesson Six: Links, Tips and Test

In this last lesson, you will get even more cool tips and tricks, as well as links to many sites where you can learn more.

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Word Advanced Document Design Course

If you are often charged with the responsibilities of creating more complex documents in Word, such as newsletters, books, or manuals, or enjoy creating more unusual documents, this course is for you.

Lesson One: Design Basics

Learn typography. Learn how fonts work together. Find out what makes a good design—and what doesn't. You will learn to develop an eye for good design layout.

Lesson Two: Newsletters

Create professional looking newsletters. Learn Word's layout tools to get the look you want. Discover advanced ways to handle images and other graphic objects to enhance your design. Learn tricks like linking text boxes to control content flow.

Lesson Three: Long Documents

Discover how to code individual chapter files so you can link them together to create one, uniform document. You will learn advanced tricks to have page numbers, table of contents and indices paginate across separate files.

Lesson Four: Labels and Business Cards

Find out how to handle mail merges and envelopes. Create customized labels. Discover formatting tricks to create your own professional looking business cards and more!

Lesson Five: Special Enhancements

This is the fun stuff! Learn useful ways to add special enhancements to your documents to create serious or fun documents. From project reports to fun invitations...even personalized photo albums.

Lesson Six: Links, Tips and Test

This lesson is loaded with additional tips and tricks, as well as useful links for more information.

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About the Instructor

Dian Chapman has been using computers since 1986. She's been working on the Internet since 1993. She was recruited by Microsoft to become a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in 1995. Dian is also a certified MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist). She's been teaching people how to use technology, particularly Microsoft applications, since 1990.

Dian is a Technical Consultant. One of her specialties is designing training courses. She currently offers three prepared courses: Word Advanced Techniques, Word AutoForms & Beginning VBA, and Word Advanced Document Design. View her sample lessons. If you have read any of her TechTrax articles, you know that she is very good at explaining complex technology in an easy to understand manner.

Businesses looking to reduce costs and increase productivity by properly training their staff to work more efficiently should consider having customized training courses created for them. See Dian's Consulting page for details.

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