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Chronological Site Updates

September 2007

  • New Computor Companion articles, written by Dian Chapman, linked to TechPage. Learn how to run your life through Outlook and get tips on learning Windows Vista.

August 2007

  • Greg attended several vintage flight and car shows over the summer. He's posted his photos and video to his flight page.

May 2007

  • Dian and daughter, Stacy, participate in Bark in the Park, 2007, to raise money for homeless dogs/cats. See our fun photos of the event, HERE.

April 2007

March 2007

February 2007

  • February TechTrax is now online. Don't miss your chance to win Office 2003 Professional in our drawing this month. Two new authors join us this month.

January 2007

  • January TechTrax is now online. The free version of TechTrax returns. We'd planned to be back earlier, but a myriad of family health issues, including mom's stroke, heart attack and subsequent pacemaker surgery, caused a delay.

  • Windows has a new operating system...Vista. And Office has a really new version 2007...which has done away with menus and toolbars and gives you The Ribbon. Lots of new learning to do. Here are two great ways to get rolling...

    • Become a TechTrax subscriber, or better, become a member and get exclusive training through articles and videos, as well as exclusive software drawings.

    • Find a good tech book. Dian is a Technical Editor and has worked on several books this year, as well as already having read many new offerings. See which ones she recommends on our Books page.

December 2006

  • Dian writes an article for the Winter issue of Computor Companion. See how easily you can create Flash Cards in help stroke victims, little ones learn, or cram for you own tests. See our TechPage for the latest third-party articles we've written.

October 2006

  • Dian writes an article for the Fall issue of Computor Companion. Learn to handle Word's Sections like a master. Bonus! Get a very cool macro to help you control complex sectional documents. See our TechPage for the latest third-party articles we've written.

July 2006

  • Dian writes an article for the Summer issue of Computor Companion. Get a peak at the next version of Microsoft Office in this Office 2007 preview article. See our TechPage for the latest third-party articles we've written.

May 2006

  • The May Member's Only TechTrax issue is now online. Why member's only? Because the free version of TechTrax is officially on hiatus for summer. But if you're a member, you can continue learning Microsoft Office with exclusive member's content.

  • TechTrax free version goes on hiatus for the summer.

  • Attention Dog Lovers! Don't miss these fun photos from the 2006 Bark in the Park charity walk. This year Dian's daughter joined her so they could take Cassy along with Dian and Shelby.

April 2006

March 2006

  • March TechTrax is now online.

  • Dian writes an article for the Spring issue of Computor Companion. Learn how to create an automated form to help your little ones master their math skills. See our TechPage for the latest third-party articles we've written.

February 2006

January 2006

  • January TechTrax is now online. Big news! TechTrax now offers premium content for members, as well as still offering quality free content to subscribers. Half off membership discount in January! Sign up now! Plus...we're giving away THREE $10,000+ Microsoft software subscription!

    Get in there and learn more before you miss it!

December 2005

  • December TechTrax is now online.

  • Need a good book? Check out our newly updated book page to find the best tech book and some of the funniest books we've ever read.

  • Dian writes a new article for the Winter issue of Computor Companion. Learn how to create simple Fill In Forms, if you're not up for automated forms. See our TechPage for the latest third-party articles we've written.

November 2005

October 2005

  • Don't miss the October issue of TechTrax.

  • Thanks to all our supporters who helped Shelby (our Sheltie dog) and Dian raise money to help hurricane relief for homeless pets. Don't miss our pictures from PAWS Run for Their Lives.

September 2005

August 2005

  • TechTrax is back from hiatus. Check out the latest issue and our new skill ratings, as well as our new subscriber video training. Check out the August 2005 issue of TechTrax.

July 2005

May 2005

  • Thanks to everyone who sponsored Shelby and Dian in Bark in the Park 2005. See our picture!

April 2005

  • The April issue of TechTrax is now online.
    Note that TechTrax has now gone on hiatus for the summer. But we'll be back with regular, monthly issues starting August, 2005. In the meantime, there are 30 issues of great get in there!

  • Updates to our Pet Lover's page. Beautiful new Shelties and a sad farewell to two loving kitties, as well as new pictures of our "Barker Gang" on Shelby's page.

  • Added some new links to tech articles on our TechPage.

March 2005

February 2005

  • The February issue of TechTrax is now online.

  • Get ideas about how you can save money in your business through automation. See new technical Solutions Dian has implemented.

January 2005

December 2004

  • The December issue of TechTrax is now online.

  • Check out the new, free user support groups MouseTrax sponsors on our Resources page.

November 2004

  • The November issue of TechTrax is now online.

  • Don't miss the new technical article Dian and Greg have written for other publications on our TechPage.

October 2004

  • Dian Chapman parts company with Eclectic Academy and now offers her courses, exclusively, through

  • Amazing new video and audio on our Flight page. Sit in the front seat with Greg as he lands...hear a pilot saved from crashing by Flight Service Controllers...relax with a little Class Pilot Humor and enjoy our flight photos.

  • Dian and Greg have been writing lots of new article for other publications like Computor Companion and All 'Bout Computers newsletter. Check out our TechPage for new article.

  • To help celebrate Dian's recent, 10th year renewal as a Microsoft MVP, she's put her Advanced Word training courses on Sale for the month of October. Purchase two...get the third one FREE! See details on her TechCourse page.

  • The October issue of TechTrax is now online...and it's loaded with tons of informative articles!

  • To help you find things on MouseTrax, well as add more convenience to your visit, we've added a Google search to every page on Use it to find things here...or anywhere on the web.

  • Lots of updates on our Pet Lovers page! From new pet new information about how you can help military dogs by sending them things they great reasons to purchase Milk Bone a wonderful update on our favorite Iraqui pup, Honey...stop by and check it all out!

September 2004

August 2004

  • Updated Pet Lover Pics and articles!

  • Excel VBA Support Group
    Dian Chapman opens her third, free support group. This one is for Excel VBA. Also check out our Resources page to learn about and join her other two groups...Word_VBA and Word_DocDesign.

  • TechPage
    Lots of new article links from various articles Dian & Greg have written over the passed few months for outside publications.

  • Solutions
    Dian Chapman is a professional Technical Consultant who is available for hire. Check out some of the solutions she's already implemented for to save other companies time and money and see how these solutions can help your company, too!

  • MouseTrax gets a little face-lift. Nothing drastic, so you'll still be able to find the same great support and links. Just a little botox to tighten things up.

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July 2004

  • Word Document Design Support Group
    Dian Chapman has created a new Yahoo support group that specializes in advanced/complex document design. If you do this type of work, come join us. Learn and also help others!

  • (TechTrax is on hiatus for July and August)

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June 2004

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May 2004

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April 2004

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March 2004

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February 2004

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January 2004

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December 2003

  • TechTrax December Issue
    Lots to learn in the new issue! And don't miss our drawing...We're celebrating 100 Years of Flight by giving away a free copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004!

  • Other Microsoft Applications
    Although we've been concentrating on Windows and Word for most of our TechPage articles, we've added a new group to help cover some of the other application article we write.

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November 2003

  • TechTrax November Issue
    Lots to learn in the new issue! And don't miss our drawing...we're giving away a free copy of Microsoft Office 2003 Pro.

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October 2003

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September 2003

  • TechTrax Returns from Summer Hiatus!
    Needing a few months off to catch our breath from an amazingly busy summer, TechTrax return full force in September, 2003, to continue with our second year. Don't miss the latest support articles!

  • Word AutoForms and Beginning VBA video course is released. This popular eBook and online course is now available in an enhanced version via video direct from Dian's desktop. See the MouseTrax TechCourses page for details.

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July 2003

  • MouseTrax gets a major design face-lift!
    Previously listed items will have updated links, but some names have been left in original format, even though their name may have changed, for posterity sake.

    Realize some page names have now changed! If you are looking for your Pet's home page, you can find it via the Pet link or by adding Pet_ as a prefix to the original URL name for your pet.

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April 2003

  • MouseTrax & TechTrax go on temporary hiatus for the summer!

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March 2003

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February 2003

  • TheExperts
    Go along with us on the 2003 MVP Summit via pictures. Includes photo descriptions so screen reader users can enjoy the trip, too.

  • TechTrax
    The February Issue of TechTrax goes online.

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January 2003

  • TechPage
    What's a WSH? Learn how to get started using the Windows Scripting Host.

  • TechPage
    Fun with VBA & Training Rocky. If you don't know what you can do with programming, have a little fun with VBA.

  • TechTrax
    The January Issue of TechTrax goes online.

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December 2002

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November 2002

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October 2002

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September 2002

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August 2002

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July 2002

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June 2002

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May 2002

  • TechTrax
    Da Game! Dueling Laptops at 31,000 Feet
    Set up a wireless network while traveling...with enough time left to do battle.

  • TechTrax
    Creating Custom Dialog Boxes
    Learn how to create custom dialog boxes in the VB Editor, to use for collecting or distributing information throughout your Office documents.

  • TailWinds
    Welcome BACK to St. Thomas!
    Back to St. Thomas, USVI, and the Sapphire Beach Resort and Marina. See pics from there and our Cessna flight around the islands, with MouseTrax's own personal pilot—Greg Chapman!

  • Downloads
    Image Cataloger [Lockergnome Award Winning Freeware!]
    A great little utility. Point to any directory and have all images inserted into a Word doc, which is saved as an HTML page, so you can easily view all your images in your browser to find what you need.

  • TechTrax!
    TechTrax Ezine debuts!
    MouseTrax proudly debuts its new Ezine (online magazine) in an effort to bring more tips to our visitors on a more regular basis. TechTrax will enhance the support efforts we already offer through our TechPage, but will have a wider range of articles and reader base. Be sure to subscribe so you'll be notified each month with a little email reminder to read the latest in each new issue

  • TechPage
    Get Organized Now!
    Do you have a bunch of files of a similar type that you'd like to have better/faster access to? Maybe a bunch of family photos? Music files? Computer tips? Project documents? This article will show you how to use Word's hyperlink feature to set up a quick access master document to find those files.

    Bonus! This article comes with a free utility to get you rolling—it sets up all the hyperlinks for you!

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April 2002

  • PetLovers
    Meet Ling and Mai Chai Roth. Two beautiful Siamese cats.

  • Downloads
    Greg Chapman's been at it again! This TempScrubber Word utility can be downloaded and placed on your desktop to allow you to quickly clean your TEMP directory to free up resources and clear up many error issues.

  • Downloads
    A great tool! This macro displays all your document sections and helps you easily move around complex documents.

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March 2002

  • Downloads
    File Cataloger [Lockergnome Award Winning Freeware!]
    A freeware utility created by Greg Chapman. A Word template that will allow you to instantly hyperlink tons of files to a master document which can then be sorted to more easily access needed files.

  • TechPage
    Tech Support via Email
    Looking for resources where you can get your Word and/or Office questions answered quickly? Join the Word or Office support email lists on Yahoo! Groups, which we help to support.

  • Guestbook
    Tell Us What you Think...
    After losing all our wonderful visitor's comments last year, due to NBCi taking over our guestbook hosting service and then subsequently trashing all our entries, it was time to build our own Guestbook. It's now finished and we've added this year's email comments. Check it out and feel free to add your own comments. We'd love to hear from you!

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February 2002

  • TechPage
    Customized Toolbars and Menus
    Learn to become more efficient using Word, by saving yourself time with customized toolbars and menus.

  • TechPage
    A Labor of Love
    Learn how to create a customized keepsake calendar, using Word and PowerPoint. Scan your favorite family photos to display months of memories...for someone you love.

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January 2002

  • TechPage
    Code Snippets
    A selection of VBA problems/solutions to enhance your AutoForms, as inspired by fans of the Please Fill Out This Form series of Word AutoForm tutorials.

  • TechPage
    Word Tips 102
    A list of new tips/tricks detailing rarely documented features in Word that'll help you become more productive.

  • TailWinds
    Doggie in the Woods
    Dog lovers will enjoy seeing these pics of Cassy enjoying a vacation in the Northwoods and her first swimming lesson!

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December 2001

  • TheExperts
    2001 MVP Summit Photos
    The 2001 Microsoft MVP Summit was held the end of November. See a photo essay of the event.

  • TechPage
    Edit Digital Photos
    Learn how to modify, enhance and publish your digital photos.

  • TechPage
    Please Forward This to Everyone You Know
    Learn why it's important to become a responsible email user!

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October 2001

  • TechPage
    DSL...It's Not Heaven Yet
    Learn about issues related to going high speed.

  • PetLovers
    Meet Cassy Chapman!
    Another, fun-loving pup page added.

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September 2001

  • TechPage
    Discovering Word's Buried Treasures
    An article detailing some rarely documented features in Microsoft Word.

  • TechPage
    Please Fill Out This Form, V
    The fifth article in a series of autoform tutorials...covering database connectivity.

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MouseTrax Site Menu Descriptions


Home Page
Opening page to MouseTrax, including any latest news.

Site Map
This page. A central location to discover what's here at MouseTrax and what's been recently added/updated on this web site.

The MouseTrax guestbook where you can share any comments about our site.

Contact Us
Details explaining how to contact us and what type of help, information and/or services we can provide for you.


Need help? Want free support? Here you find links to free technical support and learning resources, both on MouseTrax and off-site, including links to join our own user groups.

Very useful, free utilities Greg Chapman has created as solutions to common problems facing Office users.

Details about MVPs, including support links to valuable MVP web site and tons of photos from MVP Summits.


Our very popular, free, support Ezine (online magazine), featuring Microsoft technologies, and written by many top professionals. Subscribe so you'll never miss an issue!

A compilation of technical tutorials, how-tos, and tips pages, including the very popular articles on AutoForms. This is our original tutorial page, prior to the creation of TechTrax. However, we still maintain this page to highlight some of the most popular articles in TechTrax, as well as links to articles we've written for other magazines.

Tech Courses
Dian Chapman offers a variety of low-cost, high quality training courses, which you can purchase to use online, via eBook or through video training. This page includes several free samples to read, view and learn.

Tech Books
Looking for a good technical book? See what books we prefer to use here at MouseTrax. These recommended books have link to Amazon, so you can find them easily and purchase them online. You'll also find Dian's free Word Tips & Tricks download here.


Consulting Services
Need a professional to help you create an automated form in Word? Maybe help you create a web site for your business? Need some custom training for you or your staff? Dian Chapman is a certified Microsoft Office Specialist, but more importantly, she's been a Microsoft MVP and MS Beta tester since 1995! As an developer, she can show you how to get the most out of office.

Client Login
Account Extranet sites and resources for MouseTrax clients.

Learn more about some of the cool solutions Dian Chapman has already designed/developed for other clients. Get ideas about how you can save time/money in your business.

Request a Quote
Have automation ideas? Send your thoughts/ideas to Dian Chapman and she'll provide you with a quote to have those ideas turned into real time/money saving processes.

Considering hiring a consultant? See our very competitive rate schedule for various types of design, development and training work.

Customer Survey
Share your comments regarding our support, training and/or consulting work. See what other clients have said.


About Us
Learn more about who we are...and why we exist.

Dian Chapman
Learn more about Dian by reading her bio, resume and many references.

Greg Chapman
Learn more about Greg by reading his bio.

Flight Photos
Greg Chapman is a pilot. View a collection of fun pictures from various trips we've taken. See pics from some of our favorite places, such as...Chicago, Wisconsin, Ohio, and the Virgin Islands.

Pet Lovers
Do you love dogs, cats, fish, horses? Check out photos sent in by our visitors, as well as The Chapman Gang of furry and finned creatures, including memorials to wonderful pals who are no longer with us. Send us your pet pics, it's free!

Smiley Burnette
Smiley Burnette was Gene Autry's famous, cowboy movie sidekick, Frog Millhouse, hall of fame country music writer, co-star of Petticoat Junction, and Greg's grandfather! This page is dedicated to Smiley and his legacy!


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