Meet Shelby Chapman!

Shelby...when we first brought him home at 8 weeks old, Dec 2004.

Such a cute little man!


Shelby getting to know Lexi...nice greeting!

Greg and Shelby's first picture together.
(I think Greg's smitten...or maybe just glad to have another guy around the house!<g>)

This can make eating dinner rather difficult.

So many things to discover...hum, what's this thing hanging off my butt?

What little guy HASN'T fallen asleep in his toybox?

A little quiet time with my BIG pal.

Ahhh...who swiped your candy canes, Shelby?

The Barker Gang...Shelby (3 mos), Lexi (2 yrs), Cassy (4 yrs)...Jan, 2005

Sometimes you just have to do a little home improvement to make yourself comfy.

Shelby learns about snow...and dog wrestling in the snow.

Hey! This stuff is COLD!

Shelby meets Stacy.

Shelby getting bigger! Now (Feb 2005) at 4 months with Lexi...the best of pals!

ROFL! As you may know...Shelties (Shetland Sheepdogs) are herding dogs.
So they have this thing about control...and BARKING.
Shelby loves to "push" the other two outside when it's time to
go out...nothing like a control freak. And this is one of his
most common he barks in my face to
tell me "Timmy is trapped in the well!"<g>

"The Barker Gang" having a little group chew. (A rare, tranquil moment!)

As Greg says...Shelby looks so regal, like "The King's Companion"
(Cassy is just anticipating that FLASH!)

Yes, Lexi does have all her legs...although after rolling around
while I was attempting to take this wouldn't know it to see this pic!<g>

Here's our little prince, April 2005 (who never has a problem posing for the camera)
...although he's having a bit of bad hair day!
After a bath, he just had to take a nap and ended up with hair sticking
out every which way! (And yes, he has freckles on his legs.<g>)

Poor Shelby...the night he came home from the vet, still drugged out,
after being neutered. Poor little drugged out cone head!

But after a short recovery time...he's better than ever!

You turned out great, kid!

What a cutie!