PAWS 5th Annual
Run for Their Lives


Thanks SO MUCH to those of you who sponsored Shelby and Dian in their
efforts to help the many homeless animals...including so many
who were left homeless after Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf.

We managed to raise $1,035.00 in our efforts for PAWS!

Come along and enjoy a virtual day with the dogs (thru pics).


7am and Shelby is anxious to get started.


Unlike his morning look when he did his first charity walk
for Bark In The Park, he looks much more awake this time!
But, of course, now he's an ol' pro at 11 months.


We arrive at Lincoln Park Zoo where we are told to park.
Shelby is excited as he sees and hears all the dogs in the parking lot...
or should we say barking lot, today!


Okay, so he's a little blurry-eyed, but he's enjoying all the butt sniffing
and is only barking half as much as he did last time.


It's still early, so the crowd is just starting to get rolling.


All those folks in orange shirts are PAWS volunteer helpers
who help to make sure that the participants find what they need.


Lots of pictures being taken of proud owners and their pets.


The dogs get are PAWS alumni, blue are not alumni and,
I believe, green were rescued dogs available for adoption...
many from the gulf.


It's getting busier. Everyone turns in their donation sheets and picks
up their goody bags with free dog toys and treats, while
the participants get shirts and other dog related freebies.


And here...working for PetCo and giving away free bandanas to the dogs...
is my NIECE, Wendy!


Wendy (second from left) and her PetCo colleagues.


"Take off the glasses, Wen!"
Much Granny can see that I didn't miss you this year!


And here's our team...Dian and Shelby!

(Don't ya love the squinting in the sun pics!<sigh>
Actually, Wendy was having trouble seeing the image,
so I was talking to her and Shelby was getting bored, when...
of course, that's when the flash goes off!) the bows!


Little dogs were PAWS heroes today, too.


Just gotta get lots of dog pics.


Yup, getting crowded now.


Love the coloring! Looks like he's wearing camouflage.


Front view.


Humm...someone's missing a dog?


Ah...there's Shorty!

(HA! Love the said "Bitch Magnet."<lol>)


Shelby having fun meeting lots of new friends.


Cool dog!


I love pretty


Love those fantails!


And speaking of fantails, this is Harley...another Sheltie.


They had a costume contest...this woman and her dog were dressed up
as Cruella (sp?) Deville and one of the Dalmatians. Very good!


Some of the military who had been down in the Gulf were
here, too...with some of the dogs they'd rescued.


Oops...sorry, forgot her name, but the woman in the middle, talking,
is the person in charge of PAWS Chicago.


These were two of the dogs rescued from the gulf and
brought back to PAWS Chicago...and who now have new homes.

Note! Many dogs were given up by their owners after the storms.
Those dogs, whose owners could not be located, are given foster homes,
where the new owners agree to give the dog up if the original owner is later found.


Shelby chilling and checking out all the activity while we
wait to get going in our walk.

The day had a 4K walk and 8K run. But dogs were only allowed
on the walk...for their safety!


This little dog was SO CUTE! A tiny (runt) Sheltie.


Shelby is intrigued! Look how tiny she was next to little Shelby.


Vets were on hand in case dogs needed any help.
And, for a small fee, you could have an AVID micro chip inserted
in your dog if you haven't already done so.

Cassy, Lexi and Shelby all had their chips inserted when they
were spayed and neutered.


How fun...a lion.


Rats! I missed the pic, but that dog was wearing a pumpkin hat!<lol>


A local radio station was a sponsor...kudos to The Mix
for helping by being a sponsor!


What a cutie, eh?
"Okay, Shelby...ready to do our part to help?"
He looks ready to go.


The runners line up along one path, the walkers with dogs along another.


Had to get a shot of the snow dog...for Stacy who has an Eskie...
(this dog looks a lot like Stacy's "Jack", but was a Keeshond).


HA...and look who we end up lining up behind...the cute, tiny Sheltie.


Begging for biscuits.


And this dog, who was behind us, was having a gas just
rolling around and around in the grass...for quite some time as we
waited for the line to start moving through the start gate.


"Hey Nicole...look, an Italian Grayhound...a bit bigger than yours, however."


This little Pomeranian was so cute...and FULL of energy just wiggling
and spinning around...anxious to get moving!


Here we go.


HA...all the dogs got a big rawhide bone as a gift.
This guy opened his and decided to carry it during the walk
to make sure he had a snack along the way!<g>


Pretty walk...through Lincoln Park.


Shelby working hard to help less fortunate animals.


The lagoon at the Zoo (we walked along the outside of Lincoln Park Zoo, those are the zoo barns in the back for the cows and farm animal exhibit).
Boy, lots of dogs had to be convinced NOT to jump in as we walked!
Although some just couldn't help themselves and took a quick dip.
Now and then you'd hear....SPLASH!


Around the front of the zoo.


Toward the conservatory.


Great photo op with the dogs in the flowers.


This is Dr. T. L. Chapman (no relation and a foot/ankle surgeon)...
a really nice woman we met along the walk and her dog Schultzie...
a standard poodle who (thankfully) doesn't do the poodle cut.


And here's your NICE picture I promised you, Schultzie can
send this one along with her thank you cards to your sponsors.
(It was very nice chatting with you along the walk!)


Very pretty...a Lilly Pond in the Zoo. Nice place to relax.


"See, can bring Jack in a wagon!"

Lots of elderly dogs were doing their part, with the help of wheels.


We finished!
After the walk everyone got donuts and bagels, courtesy of
Dunkin Donuts.

This guy's hoping HE gets some of dad's bagel.


Everyone kicking back, relaxing after the walk.


And getting some refreshments.


This was the runner's path.

Nice that they have both options...but the dog walk was much more
enjoyable and interesting, in my opinion, than running.


Time to kick back, get more freebies and chat with the new friends
you made along the walk.


Shelby's just happy to relax for a bit.


Dog picnic.


Tired dog picnic.


Now the National Guard guys got up to talk about the rescues
in the gulf. How they would see/save a dog from water that DID
have crocodiles swimming around, too!


They had some of the dogs they'd rescued and
pictures from their pet saving missions.

Note! If you'd like to help by adopting or fostering a rescued pet
go to the PAWS web site (there are MANY PAWS organizations in many for a shelter near you).

The Chicago office is soon sending down its next truck convoy to
pick up more homeless pets to help find them families. You can fill out an
adoption form online, see the animals who need homes and
also donate to help them make more hurricane rescues.

PAWS is a no-kill shelter.

And if you already have a dog or cat...check out their many
pet health and safety articles and check out their gift shop.


What a cutie!


Checking back with my niece, Wendy, to say goodbye.


More rescue stories and success stories, as the
PAWS local president thanks Chicagoland for their
response to the disasters...through this walk and the
many volunteers who are going to the gulf to help.


A beautiful, certified canine assistant (service dog) .


Obligatory crowd shots...


That little dog with the balloons looked like he was about
to be lifted off the ground by them!<g>


WGN news interviewing one of the guards and his rescued dog.


Time to go. Shelby looks much less green then on the way home from
the last time...when he barfed all over my car. Check it out...
no doggie barf this time! He made it there, walked and barf!

Yeah! He's getting to be a big boy (he'll be 1 yr the end of Oct).


Back home at the ranch (amongst the dog toys)...Shelby happily
shares his extra, new scarves with Cassy and Lexi.


Cassy says..."To hell with the scarves, I want the rawhides I saw in that bag!


Okay, we convince Shelby to also share some of the
free snacks he got during his walk.

"Everybody happy now?"

Thanks those of you who donated
to make our walk such a success!

Shelby & Dian's wonderful sponsors:

Allison Bagdon
Bob Peel, MS MVP
Bonnie Buckley, Military Mascots
Bill Coan, MS MVP
Carolyn Phillips
Constance Durel
Dale Price, Aladdin Animal Hospital, TX
Dan Freeman, MS MVP
Greg Chapman, Retired MS MVP
Elizabeth Charuvastra
Harriet Fontaine
Jeannette McSweeny
Julian Peris Hopewell, MS MVP
Linda Johnson, Linda's Computer Stop
Lynn Trapp, MS MVP
Patty Perkins
Penny Berkun
Ronni Geist
Samara Lancia, Applewood Farms
Shana (Jamie) Sloan, MS
Stacy Chesney, Chicagoland Animal Adoption
Subramanian Bala
Susie Ejzak
Irene Zagorski