Meet Lexi Chapman!

Lexi comes home, day one. Born Feb 20, 2003...she's about 3 months.

Lexi is a mixed mutt...with Labrador and something???

Sorry kid...that's NOT the pool!

THIS is your pool!

"Hey, this place is fun!"

Lexi the Lab...a true, webbed footed "water dog."

Lexi and Cassy enjoying a chew!
(Cassy = Golden Retriever/German Shepherd...Cassy is incredibly smart and perceptive!!)

Butts make great pillows!


Friends to the end!


Lexi is 6 months old she is giving "High Five!"

So you say this tub things is fun, eh?

(Notice Lexi's white chest markings...we just realized...IT'S A GHOST!<lol>)

So, uh, when did we get lake front property?
(After a heavy storm in Chicago.)

Lexi just LOVES her chance to be vacuumed! Seriously!
She comes running and patiently wait when she hears it.

And, of course, she loves a good snow ball fight!<hee, hee>