I want to thank Dian for going far above and beyond to help us with an important project. Our deadline didn’t give us a millimeter of wiggle room, and we ran into a few unexpected snags, yet somehow Dian managed to pull it off. She delivered a beautifully designed and easy-to-use product that is now being utilized by all of our leadership team.

We truly appreciate Dian’s technical expertise and her professionalism throughout this project. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dian to anyone who is considering using her services.

Karen Pirello
Greensboro, NC

As a computer novice, I am most appreciative that Dian communicated with me at my level (i.e., Computer Dunce 101) and provided me with easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions on how to make my form work efficiently and effectively for me.

Dian provided fast, efficient responses and turnaround time on my project. I appreciated Dian's ability to explain computer terminology in "layman's terms" - and her sense of humor!

She certainly has made my life a lot easier!

Luci Carstens, Ph.d.
Seattle, WA

Dian came to the rescue after I struggled for hours trying to create a form. She is fast, efficient, and fun to work with. She stands behind her work 100% and is quick to answer any questions. Her training videos are incredible! She has been such a motivator (without even trying) I am taking all of her training courses. She truly is an inspiration!

Before finding Dian, I searched the web and received several estimates and samples of work. None of them even came close to Dian's ability, style, professionalism or cost. Thanks Dian!

Joan McGraw
Wellington, Colorado

"I found Dian to be very helpful, very responsive, and very kind. I don't know when she sleeps!

"Dian is very highly skilled and knows what she's talking about! She is worth the money."

Sunita Cooke
Coventry, UK

"Dian's immediate grasp of the problem and rapid response, which demonstrated her capability of analyzing and remedying the issues, and her e-mails and responses , communicate a genuine concern and made me feel like I was interacting with a professional who has kept her real-world perspective.

"I would not hesitate to recommend Dian. As the Sr. Systems Analyst of my company's I.T. Department I have worked with numerous professionals and Dian ranks with the topmost."

James J. Conroy
Allentown, PA

"Dian is my hero. Or is that heroine?

"She went WAAAAY beyond the call of duty to help me format my book 'Inspirations In Hypnotherapy: Case Histories To Light Your Way.'

"She is available, accessible, speedy, careful, caring, and a true professional of the highest order.

"I am delighted with the results of my book, and delighted with Dian in every way."

Stephanie Rothman
Certified Hypnotherapist
Rockville, Maryland

"In the entire computer section on Word and VBA at Barnes and Noble, I found 600+ page books with 20 pages of basic information on forms. VBA books usually don't address Word forms at all.

"I discovered Dian's eBooks, tutorials and Ezine—what a goldmine! Her material gets you up to speed extremely quickly. In an hour, a programmer could be designing forms and within days would be an authority on Word forms.

"Her courses sure beat any Sams' Teach Yourself, Microsoft Press, Wrox or O'Reilly book I have ever purchased and I own a library full of these books. I wish she had courses on every piece of software I own. Once you have found great material that teaches you the basics to the complex aspects of one software package in turbo mode, it is hard to go back to learning at a snail's pace."

BJ Mattarella, VP
Visual Data Systems
Marietta, Georgia

"Dian has been an excellent teacher and has helped me solve the problems I was having with my Word Forms. She is very knowledgeable. Keep up the great work! "

John Conklin
Peoria, Arizona

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Dian Chapman, MouseTrax Consulting

     Technical Consultant

     Microsoft MVP

     Certified MOS Expert

     MS Office Instructor

     MS Office Automation Specialist

     Technical Writer

     ASP/ADO/SQL/VBS Web Developer

     Technical Project Manager

     Solution Provider

Looking for someone to help you get your project done? Need some expert help? Dian Chapman is a Technical Consultant and Microsoft MVP, MOS, who will use her 18 yrs of computing experience to show you how to implement the solutions you need.

See some of the many Solutions I have already implemented for clients to save them time and money!

Or contact Dian directly if you need help with:

  • Technical Writer
    (writing, training manuals, illustrations, or editing)
  • Dian has been a Technical Writer since her first article was published in 1997 (Advisor Publications). Since then, she has had numerous other articles appear in various magazines and newsletters, including her own three eBook courses. Dian has also been a contributing author to several technical books on the market.

    In 2001, she started her own, very popular, technical support online magazine: TechTrax Ezine, where she's published hundreds of articles. TechTrax is read monthly by several thousand subscribers.

  • Professional Document and Template DesignStandard
    (without VBA code, but including custom design, styles, toolbars and menus)
  • As a document design expert, Dian has not only lead several elaborate book publishing projects, but has helped many clients rework their books, manuals, reports and other documents to make them work more efficiently, as well as look more professional.

    And as a Microsoft Word technical support MVP since 1995, she knows what users find difficult when trying to understand how to use templates and styles. She has vast experience teaching users how to use them correctly.

  • Professional Document and Template Design—Automated
    (with VBA coding, including custom AutoForms, document automation, workflow automation and Word database connectivity)

    When more than a simple template solution is needed, Dian can also program around issues by adding automation that leaves the technology to Word and lets users concentrate on content, not formatting.

    For several years, Dian taught advanced Word courses for Eclectic Academy. She now offers some of these Advanced Word courses, exclusively, here...through MouseTrax. These include her popular course for the creation of Word AutoForms and Beginning VBA programming.

    When users want to learn how to automate templates on their own, Dian is one of the experts they come to for the answers. She first started creating automated Word templates in 1994. And creating Word forms with database connectivity is one of her specialties.

  • Instructor—Custom Training Solutions
    (for Microsoft Technologies...custom videos, manuals, and live on-site training in Chicagoland area)

    As a Microsoft MVP and certified Microsoft Office Specialist, Dian has been providing high quality technical support to Microsoft customers through several online support networks, since 1995.

    Dian has also been a Microsoft Office beta tester since Office 95, so she's intimately aware of how the various Office applications work, as well as workarounds for issues that effect some versions.

    You can have Dian create customized training courses for your staff that save time and greatly improve productivity. These courses can be taught by Dian in person at your office or she can create online video lessons that can be viewed by your staff as time permits.

    See sample videos: Word Options lesson, Macro lesson.

  • On-call Consulting
    (support expertise or training—when and as you need it...someone nearby who can help you through the rough spots of your development projects...personal training)

    Are you trying to tackle a problem, using Microsoft Office Technology, but it's giving you a run for your money?

    Wouldn't it be great to be able to pick up the phone or drop off a quick email and know that you were on a priority list and that you would soon get the answers—the custom solutions—that you need to continue your work?

    By banking a little cash up front, you can get this type of service by hiring Dian as an on-call consultant.

  • Customized Internet and Intranet Solutions
    (including ASP/ADO/SQL/VBS database solutions to improve workflow and/or create dynamic content.)

    Dian has designed, developed and maintains several web and intranet sites. Many of these sites were created to solve document or secure access issues.

    See samples of just some of the solutions you can have implemented with web technology: Net Samples

  • Webmaster
    (includes any combination of web hosting, site registration, site design, dynamic development, deployment, and maintenance)

    Okay, so you've realized the obvious—a web site can greatly improve your business. But how do you start?

    You can research everything on the can hire a high-priced design company who will charge you a ton for elaborate graphics...or you can hire a business professional who knows how to not only design solutions, but implement them.

    Dian can handle all or part of your web site creation. And because she's an consultant, with little overhead, as well as having many previously developed code modules to handle dynamic content, it'll cost you a lot less than you might think.

See our Solutions page to learn more about how Dian's skills and experience as a solution provider can benefit your company.

Dian was recruited by Microsoft to become a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in 1995. She has retained that award each year since.

Dian is experienced as a technical graphic designer; OLE Automation Specialist; WordBasic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and VisualBasic developer; custom database developer; Microsoft Office Instructor; Tier II escalation technical support staffer; Help Desk supervisor; technical project manager; webmaster; ASP/ADO web developer; technical writer; editor; and document design specialist. has complete, high-speed telecommuting capabilities.

For details of Dian Chapman's experience and skill set, see her bio, resume, references and testimonials.

Have an idea? Want to make your business run more efficiently. Wish you could be more productive? Tired of chasing the paper trail? Have questions? Need solutions?

Contact Dian Chapman and let her show you how to work more efficiently. Turn those ideas into effective, money saving realities.

Submit a Quote Request. Get answers and direction for your ideas!


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