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Why We Exist




MouseTrax Computing Solutions

Why We Exist debuted in the spring of 1996. As MVPs, Microsoft encouraged us to create support sites to enhance our community services in which we help users.

For many years, existed only as a free support site. Providing the occasional tutorial and links to other resource sites.

Continual requests for our services provided part-time consulting work. By 2002, technical consulting became a full-time endeavor.

Business owners who want more efficient document automation or workflow solutions come to MouseTrax for help.

Professionals, who want their documents to look more polished or want their web sites to provide dynamic content, also come to us for our expertise.

And individuals come to for both free and paid learn from the experts or save time by hiring us to do the job.

Although now provides professional solutions through our Consulting Services and TechCourses, fear is still one of the top, free, support sites for Microsoft Technologies. If you snoop around a bit, you'll find...

  • An abundance of free and premiere tutorials can be found through our very popular Ezine (online magazine), TechTrax. Note, for a nominal fee of just a few dollars a month, you can become a Member of TechTrax to access additional, exclusive training tutorials and training videos!

  • Links to support articles we've written for other technical magazines are found on our TechPage. (You can also access some free tutorials from our TechCourse samples.)

  • Other top learning sites and support groups are referenced on our Resources page, as well as other, exclusive MVP support sites on our MVP page and our own MouseTrax sponsored, top rated free support sites for Word, Excel and Outlook users.

  • Don't forget to check out our Books page for recommendations, as well as free downloads.

  • And speaking of free downloads, Greg Chapman has built a bunch of award-winning utilities. And you can download them, free, from our Downloads page.


In March, 1996, Microsoft held an MVP Summit in Redmond (Seattle), Washington for its growing community of volunteer support MVPs. Dian had become an MVP in late 1995. Greg had been recruited to join a bit earlier, approximately June, 1995. Greg and Dian first met during that summit in Spring, 1996.

At the time of the 1996 Summit, Microsoft had recently hit the web. The MVPs were told that the support sites on CompuServe would close and Microsoft would open its own support community on the Internet. Microsoft wanted everyone to have access to the Microsoft support groups—not just CompuServe customers. In addition, we were all given a lesson in HTML and told to "go forth and create MVP support sites." With our HTML editors and newsreaders in hand...the MVP community hit the Internet in '96 and MouseTrax Computing Solutions was born at Since that time, MouseTrax has been dedicated to helping provide free support assistance to users.

As I often tell people, there are two types of computer people. There are those who prefer to keep knowledge to themselves and there are those who enjoy sharing their knowledge. I'm not sure what possesses the former types... possibly they feel threatened or prefer to feel superior by knowing what other's don't. But I know the latter types are possessed with an enthusiasm for cutting edge technology and they love sharing what they know with others. It's quite rewarding helping someone learn...watching that light go on when it suddenly all makes sense! MVPs are of the latter quality! And MouseTrax Computing Solutions was born out of that same quality...a desire to help others enjoy technology!

We may not always have the answers, but we'll do our best to try to help. Or, at least, we'll try to point you in the direction where you can find more assistance. Through our support and training pages, we try to provide information to help you with your technical/computer learning and problem solving needs.

And for those who would prefer to just pay an expert to handle the job, rather than spending the time to learn yet more new technology, see our Consulting services page.

Thanks for visiting!


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