Dian Chapman shows you how to crochet stars for American Flag lapghans
(lap sized afghans for our wounded veterans)

Note! In this one-take video, I made two misstatements (because it's hard to think, talk and crochet all at once<g>), which I'd like to correct so as not to confuse viewers.

1) When I show the five crochet stitches in the circle, at one point I call them "chains"...they are, as you will see them made, actually single crochet stitches.

2) After finishing the first arm of the star, I say "Now we have to do this five more times." Obviously, you'll need to do it FOUR more times...for a total of five arms for the finished star.

Finally, to see what a finished American Flag lapghan looks like and to get more tips about making one, see the blanket making details at my Angel site, here: http://www.mousetrax.com/Angels


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