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It is obvious that those who make cash donations to our Portage Park Soldiers' Angels group, to help us purchase more supplies, are saying THANKS for what we do and we THANK THEM, very much for their support!

Here are some additional thanks and recognitions that we have received.

Soldiers' Angels Award!

This BEAUTIFUL award was received by Dian Chapman from Soldiers' Angels Headquarters on July 27, 2009. It is a heavy, glass "angel" and is engraved: 'Dian Chapman. For Going Above and Beyond The Call of Angels In supporting Our Military Personnel. 2009.'

I was thrilled and humbled to find this award waiting for me at home today! This award is shared with ALL the members of our Portage Park Soldiers' Angels team who show up each month to help make blankets and lapghans for our deployed and wounded vets...and to Diana Jun, who so generously gave us her banquet room at Di's Den Tavern so we have a place to gather and work each month!

Sgt Kelly and his "Kelly's Heroes" Unit return home from the Sandbox...Mission Accomplished!

We are THRILLED that our first adopted hero, Sgt. Kelly (we don't print our soldiers' last names for privacy/security reasons) has returned from his deployment in Iraq, along with his unit...several of whom have also received one of our PPSA Hero blankets during their deployment...and some we've come to know, i.e., Robert, Kevin, Mathew and Sandy.

Their unit arrived at Ft. McCoy in Wisconsin on Monday, July 27th, 2009...after a couple years serving at Joint Base Balad in Iraq.

Sgt Kelly's wife, Patty, passed Dian the news: "They're at Ft. McCoy. Got in this morning. And again, thank you and the others for all you have done for them! Should be back home in a week. I'm so happy."

But just because Sgt. Kelly's unit made it safely home after their service to our country in these wars, doesn't mean we can stand idly by. We still have three deployed soldiers and their units to watch over, Captain Mike, Staff Sergeant Eddie and Specialist John...as well as some additional soldier friends that Sgt Kelly asked us to look after, as they are staying in Iraq.

And we could always use more help making blankets...come join us or please make a donation to help us purchase more materials!

Sgt Kelly our first adopted soldier, made the experience so rewarding, we've adopted more.

Comments from Sgt Kelly at Base Balad in Iraq* (pictured at the right). We've sent some blankets his way (see pics further below) for him and some of the soldiers in his unit. As you can see from his comments below, our blankets are not only appreciated, but greatly desired!

"As you may have received by now an email from the last person who received your blanket over here. And I have people asking for theirs! I said that I don't control those, I only get them when your group wishes to send them to us. So again, thank you for the blankets."

* Update! Sgt Kelly and his Unit finished their mission in Iraq and returned home to Ft. McCoy on July 27. They will be returning to their homes/families after a week at Ft. McCoy!

* Update! Received an email from Sgt Kelly on 8/7/09...he's home! YEAH!

Portage Park Soldiers' Angels Blankets are Featured for Soldiers' Angels National Campaign!

Yup! We've received yet another wonderful acknowledgement of our efforts. The blanket design that Dian Chapman created and which we now continue in our PPSA efforts...is the model for the 2009 Soldiers' Angels Holiday Campaign.

Dian's blankets had already been displayed on the SA National web site, but now Soldiers' Angels are using one of the photos of three of our sent blankets on their web pages and brochures for the 2009 Blankets of Belief campaign.

Dian got started with Soldiers' Angels back in May, 2008, when she learned of their 2008 Holiday campaign. During that year, she made 10 blankets on her own for that drive. Wanting to get more people involved, she started Portage Park Soldiers' Angels in Feb, 2009...thanks to Diana Jun, owner of Di's Den Tavern in Chicago who donated her banquet room for our monthly sewing gathering.

To learn more about this national campaign and to see our blankets featured, see this link: Soldiers' Angels Blankets of Belief 2009.

Veteran's Hospital Thanks Us!

VA hospitals ask for items to give to their patients. Particularly in winter, they appreciate scarves to make sure all the vets have warm clothes. These are some that we sent to Hines VA during 2009.

A thank you from Hines Veterans' Hospital...

Thanks from a Soldier

The PPSA's first blanket was sent to Iraq to Specialist Kevin, who didn't have an angel sending him things. Now he does!

Kevin sends his thanks to our group...he will treasure it!


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