Thank You Neal Chapman and...STAY SAFE!

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On June 16th, 2012, Warriors' Watch held a mug 'n hug with Neal Chapman at his deployment send off gathering held at The Triangle Bar in Twin Lakes. Neal was aware of the party and was there enjoying the company of his friends and family...but he didn't know that Warriors Watch Riders (WWR) would soon be arriving, with Police Escorts (applause to the Twin Lakes Officers who escorted us!) to honor him and thank him for his service, wish him well, give him a few trinkets to remember the event and make sure he knew we're looking forward to welcoming him SAFELY home when he returns!

I WISH I would have thought to take a few photos as we assembled and later had to wait at the police station due to a nearby accident (the police wanted us to hold until emergency vehicles could all move out). We assembled at a hot dog stand in Richmond, rolled to the Twin Lakes Police Station to pick up our escort and headed off to make some noise to make sure the town knew that one of their own is a hero going to protect our freedoms!

We arrived to applause and cameras...with Ron blasting the National Anthem from his bike. Joe, our Ride Captain, took hold of the band's microphone and presented Neal with words of encouragement and thanks, as well as a few gift items and a challenge coin.

Neal Chapman (wearing AN EAGLE shirt) being greeted by friends and WWRs.

Big Joe, our Ride Captain, coaxing Neal (with his son) to come up for some presentations.

Friends/Family watch as Neal receives his honors.

Molly Chapman (middle/purple sun dress) looks on with Neals friends, family and fellow soldiers, also about to be deployed.

Neal with his Sgt Shane and Shane's brother (so sorry I forgot your name!)

Dan, owner of both The Triangle Bar in Twin Lakes, WI and also Norshore II Bar in Antioch, along with one of his bartenders, Erna.

Molly Chapman overseeing the raffle table.

Shane bustin' a move with Commander Mary.

L/R...Special Forces veteran, Gary...Dian Chapman (me)...Neal Chapman...Mary, Commander of the #544 American Legion...Shane, Neal's Sgt...and Neal's buddy who enlisted with him and is also being deployed (and I'm SO sorry I can't remember your name!).

Gary and Tari proving the food was very good.

Neal's dad (middle) with a couple good friends.


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