Welcome Home 122nd Artillery!

September 10th, 2009...we welcomed home these American Heroes from Afghanistan...escorting them from the eastbound Des Plaines Oasis on I-90 down 290 to 55 to Lake Shore Drive to their Armory in Hyde Park.

Gathering at the Des Plaines Oasis, waiting for our heroes to join up.


Dian (and her bike behind) with Ride Captains, Fred and Eric.

The Briefing...

The troops' bus is nearing the Oasis, so we line up along the exit ramp waiting the police escort.

Lights and sirens break our uninterrupted ride through rush hour traffic to get our heroes to their families ASAP.

Almost there. Along Lake Shore Drive in Chicago toward Hyde Park, lights, sirens, stopped traffic and all the horn blowing we can make.

First the LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers), then the PGR (Patriot Guard Riders), then a bus load of tired heroes...closing with PGR follow up. All entrance ramps and intersections blocked as we passed to make sure these soldiers didn't have to wait any longer.


They assemble outside and are all given yellow roses.

The PGR heads inside to assemble a flag stand for their entryway.

American Heroes!

Every race, religion and sex...all bonded together as one strong unit...dedicated to protect this country...our America!

The rest of us in this country NEED to take a lesson from these brave men and woman!

Part of our escort.

The loving families...ANXIOUSLY awaiting their loved one's return.

PGR flag stand.

Amongst musical fanfare, they enter through our flag stand and assemble for a short debriefing, a prayer and a moment of silence for those who did not return with them.


Reunion with loved ones!

And these soldiers, who risked their lives in Afghanistan for so long...stop to thank US for our escort. NO! THANK YOU SOLDIER!

We wrap up and leave them to their welcome party.

Had to get a shot of these beauties...our lead escorts.

Returning our flags to the PGR van.


WELCOME home, 122nd!!!

Dian D. Chapman
Technical Consultant, Microsoft MVP
MOS Certified Instructor, Editor/TechTrax Ezine
Tech Editor for Word & Office 2007 Bibles

Patriot Guard Rider & Soldiers' Angel


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